Almost every problem that occurs in the living body is a form of inflammation or oxidization. Most inflammation in the body is caused by the consumption of inflammatory foods which not only affect the body but also the brain. They can cause the likes of anxiety, depression, and mental fog. Such reactions occur because inflammatory foods are not compatible with our bodies.

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods are literally medicine. An exclusively anti-inflammatory diet can prevent and heal most of the damage caused by inflammatory foods and more. This food not only heals the body but also the brain. It provides sustainable energy and focus where inflammatory foods cause mental fog and fatigue. Fortunately, most unprocessed foods are anti-inflammatory.

My nutrition coaching provides understanding of which foods are inflammatory vs anti-inflammatory for each client. I believe in sustainability through enjoyment so foods that are compatible not only with your body but also with your tastes will be recommended. By having a diet that is delicious and satisfying as well as anti-inflammatory, sustainable healthy eating habits will be a natural effect.