Personal Training

Regardless of your fitness level, you don’t have to go to a gym or use conventional equipment to accomplish your goals. The training that I offer applies principles of bodybuilding, functional training, natural movement, and martial arts conditioning. They are customized workouts that can be performed using household items, body weight and conventional equipment. The exercises are designed to minimize impact on joints while maximizing muscle stimulation. The workouts maximize motion and minimize the time spent on them. The result is a workout that accomplishes in 45 minutes to an hour what it would take a conventional workout 2 hours. In addition to strength and stamina, I also teach breathing, balance, and flexibility. I teach breathing for endurance, heavy lifting, speed, and power. I apply principles of meditation to exercises that teach my clients to control balance which compromises anxiety. To improve one’s balance is to strengthen ones resolve.

My services are offered virtually. Most of my training is done on Facebook messenger. Once a session is scheduled, the client is video called through the Facebook messenger app. All the client has to do is accept the call. Facebook messenger is preferred but alternative options are google Duo and Zoom. Anyone with an internet connection who has a laptop, tablet or smartphone can be trained wherever they are across the globe.